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Amazon Prime Day Is Coming: Is Your Property Management Staff Ready?


More and more people are shopping online and having deliveries shipped to their home, and for good reason. Online shopping and home delivery provide increased accessibility for people who have disabilities, people who lack transportation, people who live in rural areas far from shopping centers, and others who want or need the convenience. 

However, home delivery can be a hassle for property managers at multifamily residential buildings. With another Amazon Prime Day on the way, property managers are in for a blizzard of package deliveries coming soon. 

Take a look at what you need to know about Prime Day, how properties are dealing with package deliveries, and what you can do to make deliveries easier at your building.


What Is Prime Day, Anyway?

Prime day is a day when Amazon offers a large number of discounts to Amazon Prime members. This huge summer sale is held in honor of the anniversary of Amazon’s founding, and many members will find the deals offered too good to pass up. 

How Are Buildings Handling Package Deliveries?

Delivery drivers usually try to deliver a package to the door of the person who ordered it. However, this is not practical or even feasible in some residential communities, and the next stop for the courier is usually the property manager's office.

Dealing with a package delivery for a community member takes time and productivity away from work that needs to be done in the office. That’s why many property managers are looking into other ways to handle package deliveries that are less disruptive to the work that needs to be done on premises. 

One option is to simply relinquish responsibility for package deliveries. Let residents know that you won’t accept packages that they’re not there to accept themselves. However, with more and more people relying on home delivery, that may not be an option if you want to keep your residents happy long-term. Further, that approach generally contrasts with the open, accommodating atmosphere you wish to create in your community.

A better option may be to install delivery boxes with smart locks that allow delivery drivers to leave the packages in a secure common area. The best solution may be to install package lockers that can be shared by several units each. Amazon has its own package locker system, Amazon Hubs.


Another Amenity That Helps with Resident Retention

In addition to providing a secure package drop-off area for your residents, you might consider offering additional premium amenities that help residents get the most of their time in your community.

For instance, Tide Cleaners offers premium dry cleaning and laundry services that are sure to delight your community residents. Here's how it works. Tide Cleaners installs laundry lockers at no cost to property managers. By simply downloading the free Tide Cleaners app, residents can place a laundry order, drop off their laundry in one of the lockers, and let Tide Cleaners handle the rest. 

With no additional work for your property management staff, Tide Cleaners completes the order and notifies your resident when the laundry is ready for pickup. Then, the resident can choose when to pick up the order in the locker, which is accessible 24/7. 

Tide Cleaners lockers take up a relatively small amount of space and provide your residents with a premium laundry service at an affordable price. There are no hidden fees for property managers and no utility costs involved. Tide Cleaners is committed to providing a delightful experience for both property managers and residents alike.