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How to Convert a Business into a Franchise: A Step-by-Step Guide


Choose the Right Brand for You

You want to franchise with a brand that will bring you success. When determining how to convert a business to a franchise, the first step is to pick a franchise.

Tide Cleaners is the same Tide your customers have trusted for more than 70 years. We provide the very best in professional laundry and dry-cleaning services. Transitioning your dry-cleaner business to a Tide Cleaners franchise will ensure your current customers remain satisfied while giving you the ability to attract new clientele.

Franchise Qualification Process

If you’re wondering how to convert a business to a franchise, the first large step is to qualify as a franchise owner. Here is a breakdown of the qualification process to become a Tide Cleaners franchise owner:

What to Expect From Tide Cleaners

As a Tide Cleaners franchise owner, you will be able to leverage the Tide brand to grow your business. You can expect plenty of support from Tide Cleaners, and the company will always provide systems and standards to enable customer satisfaction. Tide Cleaners is selective about who joins the team, and the company listens to and trusts its franchisees.

Business Conversion Costs

The initial store investment to convert a laundry business to a Tide Cleaners franchise ranges from $93,900 to $197,000. The initial franchise fee is $10,000, and multiple factors will determine the investment cost (for example, the store’s location and building changes).

Tide Cleaners currently offers an incentive program for business owners who want to convert their locations into franchises. As part of the Tide Cleaners Conversion Incentive Program, you can take advantage of no royalties for six months to convert existing, non-franchised dry cleaners to Tide Cleaners locations.