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Dry Cleaners for Sale: How To Open a Tide Cleaners Franchise


The benefit of partnering with a franchise as an entrepreneur is the absence of any guesswork.

How do you open a Tide Cleaners franchise? Join the team, and we will give you the playbook for success. It is that simple. No dry-cleaning experience needed.

Want to start from scratch? Tide Cleaners will help you track down the perfect location for your plant store.

Want to buy dry cleaners for sale and convert one or more into a franchise? Tide Cleaners will guide you through every step and offers an incentive program to boot.

Why You Should Consider Opening a Tide Cleaners Franchise

Consider for a moment the dry cleaners in your neighborhood. Can you think of a dominant brand name within three miles? Unless you have a Tide Cleaners in your community, you probably can’t recall a dry-cleaning company with widespread name recognition. In many cases, families drop their belongings off with the closest laundry service provider they can find on Google Maps — and hope for the best.

Tide Cleaners is bringing reliability to professional laundry services by building on a brand that consumers have known and trusted with their garments since the 1940s. The Tide name is uniquely positioned to expand its offerings from quality laundry care inside the home to commercial spaces down the street.

What Sets Tide Apart From the Competition? Innovation

Tide Cleaners isn’t your average dry-cleaning store, many of which use outdated machines and cleaning products that are bad for the environment and harmful to human health.

Tide Cleaners is raising the standard and reimagining laundry services, with unprecedented focus on customer convenience and environmental impact.

Tide Cleaners understands it’s important to be where consumers need us most. Our innovative drop-off locations, locker services, and smartphone application provide the ease customers need.

Tide Cleaners is a Great Investment

Tide Cleaners is a rapidly expanding franchise brand, ranked No. 70 on Entrepreneur magazine’s Annual Franchise 500 list in 2021. It’s the third consecutive year the company has been included on the prestigious list.