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How to Start a Dry Cleaners Franchise that Sets You Up for Success


Time has become a valuable commodity, leading to increasing demand for services meant to make everyday life more efficient. It’s no wonder an entrepreneur with an eye for opportunity may consider purchasing a dry-cleaning franchise. People aren’t getting any less busy, and they want help with their laundry.

Before partnering with a brand, investors need to understand what it takes to start a profitable laundry service business, and what questions to ask franchisors before cashing in on this growing industry.

Provide Customers the Service They Want and Need

Today’s families and professionals are busy. Keeping up with laundry every week costs them valuable time away from more important priorities. Dry cleaning and laundry service franchises must constantly evaluate ways to make life easier for their customers.

To simplify life for customers, laundry franchises must think beyond traditional dry cleaning. Families need a one-stop-shop where delicate garments are dry cleaned and more casual clothes are washed and folded, among other convenient services like alterations and repairs. On-demand dry cleaning and laundry service will also pick up and deliver garments, so customers never need to leave their homes.

Differentiate Yourself From the Competition

Stand out from the competition by offering the very best customer service available, noticeably clean clothes, and unmatched convenience.

Make Sure the Brand Has a Proven Business Model

Prepare for the Future

Ask About Training, Support, and Incentives

The benefit of owning a franchise is joining a successful brand with an established playbook for success. Take advantage of franchise support opportunities and ask about incentive programs.

In addition to incentive programs for new franchisees, the Tide Cleaners team will provide guidance regarding standards, specifications, operating procedures, marketing, and purchasing equipment and products. A series of manuals are also provided in a franchise website portal that will assist franchisees with the operations of their Tide Cleaners stores. Regional activities are important to our continuing education program. This program helps keep franchisees informed on a variety of subjects and provides an opportunity to interact with other franchisees and the Tide Cleaners management team.

Take the Next Step

Tide Cleaners looks for entrepreneurs with passion. You don’t need to have experience in the laundry and dry-cleaning industry to open a Tide Cleaners franchise. Our support team will guide you through every step.

Now is the time to join this growing, successful, and trusted brand.