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Tide Cleaners franchise FAQ

Frequently asked questions

Whether you are interested in starting a new franchise, expanding your business ownership, or just doing some research, Tide Cleaners invites you to learn more about our franchise opportunities. Our franchise FAQ answers the questions you have about opening your own dry cleaning franchise.

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Franchise FAQ

What is the next step in getting my Tide Cleaners business started?

Is there a continuing royalty fee?

The continuing royalty fee is 6.5% of net sales, which is paid weekly through electronic funds transfer.

What are the financial requirements associated with this franchise opportunity?

Potential franchise owners must have $750,000 in liquid capital and a net worth of $2,000,000.

Is there a continuing advertising fee?

Franchise partners must contribute weekly marketing fees for each Tide Cleaners location. Marketing fees are 4% (including a 2% national ad fund and a 2% local fund).

What is franchising? How does it work?

A franchise is a business with a central structure that grows by incorporating new owners and locations. The franchisor, a brand like Tide Cleaners, operates around a central structure. Franchise owners are entrepreneurs who open franchise locations and incorporate the brand’s structure and operating system into the location. Franchisees essentially pay the franchise for use of the brand name. In return, they benefit from the brand’s popularity and success.

Along with the brand name, the franchisor contributes initial and ongoing support, as well as the business system. Franchisees run their own businesses under the guidance of the franchisor.

There is a contract, called the Franchise Agreement, signed by both parties that governs the relationship between the franchisor and the franchisee.

How long does it take to open a Tide Cleaners business?

Multiple variables contribute to the length of time it takes to open a Tide Cleaners business. Usually, it takes to four to five months from the beginning of construction to open a new Tide Cleaners location. However, there are many factors that influence the time from execution of the Franchise Agreement to groundbreaking. This timeline may vary depending on:

  • Lease negotiations

  • Due diligence, zoning, and use approvals

  • Construction timing

  • Arranging financing

  • Training

What qualifications does Tide Cleaners seek in its potential franchisees?

Tide Cleaners looks for franchise owners who have successful business experience. Potential Tide Cleaners owners must also be passionate about the success of the brand and their individual locations. Here are some of the qualifications required to be a Tide Cleaners franchise owner:

  • $750,000 in liquid capital

  • $2,000,000 net worth

  • An entrepreneurial spirit and a strong desire to succeed

  • The ability to motivate and train people

  • The ability to manage finances

  • The willingness to complete a comprehensive training and evaluation program to become proficient in all aspects of running a cleaning business

Will I receive assistance in finding a location for my Tide Cleaners?

What is the availability of sites in my area?

What type of training and support will I receive from Tide Cleaners?

Tide Cleaners offers approximately two weeks of hands-on training in operating a Tide Cleaners location for new franchisees prior to the opening of a Plant Store and approximately a week for a Drop Store. There is also approximately one week of self-directed computer-based training. We also provide additional training for your management staff. A Tide Cleaners support representative will be on your site during its opening.

The Tide Cleaners team provides guidance regarding standards, specifications, operating procedures, marketing, and purchasing equipment and products. A series of manuals are also provided in a franchise website portal that will assist in the operation of your Tide Cleaners location.

Will Tide Cleaners purchase a piece of property that I own and then sell me the franchise for that location?

Tide Cleaners does not purchase sites for franchisees. We collaborate with our franchisees to locate and secure the best possible site in their market.

Will Tide Cleaners assist with lease negotiations?

Tide Cleaners does assist in negotiations to secure an acceptable site for your Tide Cleaners location by providing tools and support based on our extensive experience. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of our franchisees to lease or purchase an acceptable property.

Can I open more than one store?

What is the term of the franchise agreement?

Your franchise agreement will have an initial term of 10 years, plus a 10-year renewal option.

Are there international franchise opportunities available with Tide Cleaners?

Learn more about becoming a Tide Cleaners franchisee