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3 Tech Solutions Every Property Manager Should Use


As a property manager, your job is a multi-faceted one. You've got plenty of hats to wear, and all the tasks that you've got on your plate can really eat up much of your precious time. To run things efficiently, you've got to have a strategy in place that ensures that you use your time wisely, and part of that strategy involves making use of handy tools available to streamline the process.

With technology evolving at such a rapid pace, it makes sense that property managers turn to technology-driven tools at their disposal to make life a lot easier.

Here are just a few tech solutions that you may want to incorporate into your daily regimen to ensure your residential property runs like a well-oiled machine.

1. Maintenance Management

Managing maintenance efforts is crucial to ensure that the community is in good condition and to keep residents happy. However, managing the maintenance of a property takes a lot of time and effort, especially without a proper planner in place. Keeping meticulous records on the type and timing of work on your properties is important, and this task can be made a lot easier with the use of a maintenance logging app.

Apps such as Buildium and Propertyware allow property managers to access real-time data that can be customized and filtered to generate reports on what needs to be done and where. With such apps, you can even automate the assignment of tasks to the appropriate personnel.

2. Digital Rent Collection

While it's still customary for renters to pay their monthly rent by check, property managers can actually go entirely paperless by accepting payments via online and app platforms. Apps like Cozy and AppFolio allow property managers to collect rent virtually and have the funds deposited directly into the appropriate accounts.

Collecting rent this way as opposed to the traditional way can reduce the risk for property managers and help them keep a ledger of what has and has not been collected. It also makes the job of rent collection less cumbersome without the need to deal with checks or cash.

3. Laundry App

Residents need someplace to do their laundry if they don't have machines in their own units, and providing them with on-site laundry facilities can be a great feature to offer that will allow residents to avoid having to haul their laundry to the local laundromat.

However, you can take things one step further by providing residents with laundry and dry cleaning services that simply involve dropping off their laundry in a designated lockbox and picking it up when it's done.

As a property manager, you have the opportunity to have Tide Cleaners lockers installed on-site and allow Tide professionals to do the laundry on your residents' behalf. Residents simply download and use the Tide Cleaners app to specify which locker their laundry is in and wait for notification of when it's ready and where they can pick it up.