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Wash & Fold Laundry

Don't Stress

When the laundry pile builds up, we can handle the extra loads.

Tide Standards

We have been doing laundry for a long time. We are experts at caring for your favorite outfit. Your laundry will be drawer-ready after each order.

Time-saving convenience

Our Wash & Fold service gives you time back to enjoy the things you love, like quality time with your family and friends.


How do I place my first order?

Contact your local Tide Cleaners store to start. You can place your order in any bag you choose, and we’ll return it in a reusable Wash & Fold bag for your future orders.

How do I prepare my laundry?

You do not need to sort your laundry. We handle all preparation before the wash including sorting, checking pockets, and checking for stains. All you need to do is place your clothes in a bag, we’ll handle the rest.

What kind of detergent do you use?

We stick with our favorite detergent, Tide. If you prefer an unscented wash cycle, let us know when you place you first order. We save your preferences for future orders.

How will I know the total cost?

Tide Cleaners prices by the pound so there’s no need to worry about how full your bag is, or even how many bags you have. Pricing varies by location so contact your store for the latest information.

How do I know how much my laundry weighs?

A typical laundry load weighs 8-10lbs.

Can I put anything I want to wash in the bag?

You can place anything that would typically go into a washing machine. Items that require pressing are not included.

Is there a minimum order size for Wash & Fold?

There is no minimum order size for your Wash & Fold order.

Services vary by location.

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