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Wash and fold laundry services

We wash, dry, and fold your everyday laundry

Our laundry cleaning service gives you time back for the things you enjoy. Fill your Wash and Fold Laundry bag with pants, shorts, shirts, undergarments, socks, and more. We’ll clean your clothes and return your folded laundry ready to be placed in the drawer!

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What is Wash and Fold?

Sometimes called Fluff and Fold, Wash and Fold refers to a laundry company's service of washing, drying, and then folding clothes. Yes, Tide Cleaners does more than dry cleaning! We're the dry cleaners who do regular laundry too. Consider us your one-stop-shop for quality clothing care.

Laundry care from the #1 trusted brand in dry cleaning

Our full service laundry cleaners go beyond a laundromat that washes your clothes for you. When you bring your clothes to Tide Cleaners, you get the confidence of clean that comes with years of expertise, now with more convenience than ever.

Drop off laundry and save time for what you love

Our team handles everything for you so that you don't have to think twice about preparing or doing your laundry. The best part? No more folding. Get rid of laundry day for good so you can get back to life, not laundry - whatever that looks like for you.

We do your laundry for you from start to finish

We wash your clothes for you with Tide, America's #1 laundry detergent, fluff and dry them, and then neatly fold and bundle them together before returning them to you in 2-3 business days. Say goodbye to overflowing hampers and backed-up laundry rooms.

Your clean laundry comes back drawer ready

We don't put your clean clothes back in the laundry basket and say "take it from here!" We remove the extra steps so you receive your fresh, clean laundry folded, bundled, and ready to be put away. Say hello to organized closets and drawers.

Convenience at your fingertips with mobile laundry service

Manage your laundry orders, schedule a pickup for your clothes cleaning, and save your Tide detergent preferences all from our Tide Cleaners mobile app. With just a few taps on your phone, laundry day turns into laundry minutes, and you can track your order from anywhere!

Save even more time with our laundry delivery service

We’ll pick up and drop off your laundry, so you can save a trip and even more time. You’ll get your clean clothes, folded and bundled together, back in two business days or on your next scheduled route day. You don't even need to be home on pick up or drop off days.

Find a Tide Cleaners that offers Wash & Fold near you

Wash & Fold FAQs

How do I place my first order?

Contact your local Tide Cleaners store to start. You can place your order in any bag you choose, and we’ll return it in a reusable Wash & Fold bag for your future orders.

How do I prepare my laundry?

You do not need to sort your laundry. We handle all preparation before the wash including sorting, checking pockets, and checking for stains. All you need to do is place your clothes in a bag, we’ll handle the rest.

What kind of detergent do you use?

We stick with our favorite detergent, Tide. If you prefer an unscented wash cycle, let us know when you place you first order. We save your preferences for future orders.

How will I know the total cost?

Tide Cleaners prices by the pound so there’s no need to worry about how full your bag is, or even how many bags you have. Pricing varies by location so contact your store for the latest information.

How do I know how much my laundry weighs?

That's a great question. A typical laundry load weighs 8-10lbs. The average person will wear about 15-18lbs of laundry in a week. Add in towels and you land at an average of 20lbs. But what is average? Keep in mind, we weigh clothes when they are dry, at their lightest weight. If you dry-clean a majority of your clothes, you may only have 10lbs per week and if you're active, you may have up to 30lbs.

Can I put anything I want to wash in the bag?

You can place anything that would typically go into a washing machine. Items that require pressing are not included.

Is there a minimum order size for Wash & Fold?

There is no minimum order size for your Wash & Fold order.

How do you weigh my laundry?

We weigh your laundry as soon as it comes in, before any washing so that your laundry is dry and at its lightest.

How will my laundry come back?

If you are like us, you like your home clean and organized. Nothing creates the tidy environment like retail-style folding. Your clothes come back impeccably folded and hand-packaged, ready to immediately be put away on shelves or drawers.

What goes in the bag?

Wash & Fold laundry service covers anything you'd normally put in a machine. Think basic laundry - t-shirts, jeans, underwear, socks, sweatshirts, sheets, and towels. Anything that doesn't require pressing.

What is not considered Wash & Fold?

Things that you would want dry-cleaned or ironed/pressed are not Wash & Fold. Wool items, silk items, suits, most dresses, or your finer garments should not be put through Wash & Fold service.

When do I get my laundry back?

If you brought your laundry into a store, we'll have it ready in two-business days. If you used our free delivery service, we'll bring it back to your home in two-business days, or your next scheduled route day.

What happens if an item is lost or damaged?

If an incident occurs where we are at fault, we quickly resolve the issue no matter what it takes, including replacement or reimbursement.

Can you wash by hand or hang dry?

We do not have the capacity to offer hand wash or hang dry service.

Services vary by location.