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Dry Cleaning

At Tide Cleaners, we go above and beyond to guarantee you look your best. Our seven-point inspection starts with advanced spot treating and stain removal. We even replace cracked buttons and tighten loose threads for free. Our dry cleaning process uses the most advanced dry cleaning techniques and detergent. The result? Garments that look better and last even longer.

GreenEarth® Cleaning
Tide Cleaners uses GreenEarth® Cleaning solvent. GreenEarth® Cleaning is the world’s largest brand of environmentally friendly dry cleaning. The GreenEarth® brand name refers to an exclusive green dry-cleaning process that replaces the petrochemical solvents traditionally used in dry cleaning with liquid silicone. Liquid silicone is an odorless, colorless solution that is an excellent carrier for detergents, has ideal properties for fabric care, and is better for the environment. Please visit for more information about GreenEarth®.
What makes Tide Cleaners different from a typical dry cleaner?


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