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Available anywhere, local to you


For that in-person connection, head to your neighborhood Tide Cleaners. Here, you’ll meet our friendly experts and enjoy a clean, welcoming environment.


Clean your clothes on the go. With our locker system, you’ll have 24/7 access, premium security, and enhanced order-tracking capability in our free Android and iPhone mobile apps. Lockers can be found at retail locations, office and residential buildings, and public areas.


Make time for studies, not laundry. We provide comprehensive services for colleges, including sorting, washing, drying, retail-style folding, packing and delivery. Services are available to students, staff and faculty.

Pick Up & Delivery

Caring for your clothes doesn’t get more convenient than this. Whether you’ve got a load of dry cleaning or a hamper of dirty clothes, we can take care of that for you from the comfort of your home. Our friendly and dedicated drivers pick up your dirty garments and deliver them back to you.


Bring our lockers directly to your office. When you partner with Tide Cleaners, you and your employees get access to all of our expertise, experience and exceptional service at your workplace.