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Dry cleaning & laundry lockers

24 hour laundry drop-off and pick-up

Download our laundry locker app to get started.

How to use Tide Cleaners Lockers

Step 1 Download the Tide Cleaners Lockers app and create an account.
Step 2 Find your closest Tide Cleaners lockers through the app.
Step 3 Place clothes in any bag, find an open locker, and place your items inside. Lock using a 4-digit code.
Step 4 Tap “New Order” in the app. Choose "Returned on Hangers" for dry cleaning or "Returned Freshly Folded" for wash & fold.
Step 5 Enter your locker number into the app and tap “Place order.” We will pick up and expertly clean your items.
Step 6 We will send you the locker number and code when your order is ready for pick-up.

If it fits in the locker, we clean it

Who has time for washing and folding laundry anymore? Drop off your every-day laundry, bedding, dry cleaning, household fabrics, and more!

Tide’s Expert Clean conveniently near you

We’ll keep your favorite suits and dresses fresh without you having to step foot in a store. Every garment we clean goes through our multi-step inspection process before it’s returned to a locker for 24/7 pick-up.


How do I place my 1st order?

  • Place your items in any disposable bag

  • Place bag in any open locker

  • Submit your order in the Tide Cleaners Lockers App

Are clothes picked up at any time?

  • Pick-up is Monday through Friday, starting at 8AM

What is the turnaround time?

  • Your clothes are typically returned in 2 business days

  • Alterations, repairs, and specialty fabrics may have longer turnaround time

  • We do not offer same-day service at this time

What are the prices?

  • View pricing by tapping the wheel in the upper left-hand corner of the app, selecting your service location, and hitting the “$” icon.

What if I have an issue with my order?

What services are available?

How do I know when my clothes are ready?

  • We will email you when your order is ready for pick-up and update the status of your order in the app.

No lockers in your building? Find a laundry locker location

Download the Tide Cleaners Lockers app to manage your orders

Bring our Tide Cleaners Lockers to your building

Tide Cleaners laundry and dry cleaning lockers make a great amenity in apartment communities and workplaces. Learn more about partnering with us and installing lockers in your building.