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When you use our lockers, you’ll get top-notch Tide service with unparalleled convenience. You can expect 24/7 access, premium security throughout the entire process, and enhanced order-tracking capabilities from our no-cost, user-friendly iPhone and Android applications. Lockers can be located at retail locations, office and residential buildings, and public areas.

Here’s how to use the locker
1. CREATE ACCOUNT Download our App and create an account. Then, bring your dry cleaning or laundry to any of our 24/7 accessible Tide Cleaners drop boxes. Lock the door by following the instructions on the locker.
2. PLACE ORDER Place your order by entering your drop-box number (eg., "593") into our App. We'll take care of everything, from sending you an itemized receipt to proactively letting you know of any items requiring special treatment. You can also track and manage your order through our App.
3. PICK UP We'll notify you by text via our app and email when your order is ready for pickup. Come by anytime, 24/7, find your box number, and grab your clothes by entering the security code we sent to you. Turnaround varies based on location. 
Download our app to manage your orders.

If you are interested in bringing lockers to your building, you can find more information on our Partner With Us page.

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