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Cost Comparison of Wash & Fold Services in Nashville


It takes a lot to maintain a household. From cooking and cleaning to getting the laundry done, each day seems filled with chores. Have you considered ways to take one of those time-intensive chores out of the equation?

Laundry and dry cleaning services can take one chore off your plate and give you hours of extra time each week. Many people fail to take advantage of wash & fold services because of the perceived expense of doing so. However, if you do a bit of research, you may be surprised to know just how affordable such services can be.

How Much Will You Pay for Wash & Fold Services in Nashville, TN?

What can you expect to pay for wash & fold services in Nashville?

The cost of wash & fold services can vary a great deal from one shop to another. Further, the cost will also depend on the extent of the services you require. Companies that provide wash & fold services typically charge by the pound since your clothing will all be laundered in piles (though they will be sorted and separated appropriately).

Tide Cleaners has done some comparison shopping for you. In the Nashville area, the average price to wash, dry, and fold clothing costs between $0.99 and $3.00 per pound. If you've got larger items and more intricate stain removal needs, the prices can go up. Larger items such as comforters, blankets, and rugs can also increase the price.

If you have dry clean only items, you will typically pay per piece, which can range widely in cost based on the exact item and the dry cleaner you choose.

There are also companies that provide pickup and/or dropoff services to increase the level of convenience. In these cases, you may be expected to pay an additional fee, though different companies will have their own rules about this type of added service.

Where to Find Competitive Pricing, Superior Quality, and Convenience in Nashville

Where should you go for all your wash & fold services and dry cleaning needs in Nashville?

We recommend Tide Cleaners, of course! Here's why.

Tide Cleaners offers:

  • Affordable dry cleaning and wash & fold services

  • Convenient 24/7 drop-off and pickup in your own Nashville residential building

  • A handy app to help you manage your laundry orders

  • Alterations and other special services upon request

  • High-quality service provided by laundry professionals and backed by over seven decades of laundry excellence with the Tide brand

  • Eco-friendly cleaning solutions

To use wash & fold services from Tide Cleaners, check to ensure that your residential building offers Tide Cleaners as an amenity. Then, simply drop your laundry in a Tide Cleaners locker onsite and use the app to input the locker number. Once the laundry is done, you'll receive a notification from the app to let you know it's ready for pickup. It's really that simple!