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Do Your Residents Want Smart Lockers?


Did you know that Millennials make 60 percent of their purchases online? Online shopping has been on the rise for some time now, and new and improved mobile technology has only helped. Why take the time to make a list, drive to the store, pick out the items, and transport them home when you can just order what you need from a device that you’re holding in your hand when you think of it, and have it delivered straight to your home? It’s not just things like clothes, household goods, and electronics that people are having delivered. Groceries, toiletries, and personal care items, and even clean laundry are all on the list of things that used to require running errands, but can now be conveniently delivered to the home. 

What does this mean for apartment dwellers?

Deliveries and Apartments

Deliveries can pose something of a headache for both apartment residents and property managers. It’s difficult for managers to deal with an influx of packages on any given day. Accepting packages and making sure that they get to the right place may have been simple enough years ago when only a few packages were likely to show up in a day, but in a large apartment complex full of many young renters, managers could be dealing with hundreds of packages a day. 

Unfortunately, some solutions that make package delivery easier for property managers can cause problems for tenants. Tenants who find that their packages are missing, damaged, or not available for them to pick up when it’s convenient for them will tend to be dissatisfied with their residential community's package services. 

Smart Lockers Are the Answer

What’s the solution? Smart lockers are beginning to look more and more like a solution that works for both apartment dwellers and property managers and staff. With the installment of smart lockers in an accessible location, your residents can pick up their packages whenever it’s convenient for them.

With dedicated space for your building’s smart lockers, you don’t have to worry that the lobby or other common areas will be cluttered with packages. Your residents can manage their own package pickups, so your staff can focus on the job of running the building, rather than handling packages and tracking down the recipients. Your residents, meanwhile, will have more peace of mind knowing that their deliveries are safe and secure.

Laundry Lockers

Lockers aren’t just for packages from Amazon or other similar services. They can also be used to manage other types of deliveries. For example, Tide Cleaner can install lockers on your property so that community residents can drop off and pick up their dry cleaning and other laundry on the premises. This allows you to offer your residents a premium amenity – laundry service – at no cost to you or your property. 

Tide Cleaners lockers are an excellent example of how lockers can work on a property. Simply contact Tide Cleaners to arrange an installation, and designate space for the lockers; you’ll need about 45 inches of wall space per 100 units. Tide Cleaners does the rest, including installation and even resident engagement, at no cost to you and using no utilities on the property.