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Heads Up, San Diego! Tide Cleaners Is Coming to Town


Wash, dry, fold, repeat. It seems like a never-ending cycle of household chores, but unfortunately, laundry needs to get done, and someone's got to do it. Now there's a happy ending to this particular story for San Diego residents. Just because laundry is a must-do, that doesn't mean you have to spend hours doing it yourself. Instead, you can pass on that time-sucking task to someone else. 

Thanks to Tide Cleaners, you can use the time you'd otherwise spend slaving away in front of a washing machine and spend it doing the things you love. That's right; forget about the laundromat, and ditch those trips to the dry cleaners when more delicate garments need some attention.

How Does Tide Cleaners Work?

Laundry has never been easier thanks to Tide Cleaners. Simply place your laundry in a disposable laundry bag, drop it off in a designated locker on-site in your participating residential building in San Diego, then choose the type of service you want via the handy app along with the locker number. Within a couple of days, you'll be notified through the app when your laundry is ready. No longer will you have to waste time and effort doing your laundry yourself. There's no need to make sure you time your washer or dryer just right to make sure you're there in time. Let Tide Cleaners do all that for you!

What Services Does Tide Cleaners Offer?

Tide Cleaners offers plenty of services to help take laundry off your plate, including the following: Wash and fold. This everyday laundry service tackles regular laundry needs. Your clothing and household textiles will be washed, dried, and folded using the well-known Tide brand cleaning products. Dry cleaning. If you've got suits, dress shirts, and dresses that need a little more delicate attention, dry cleaning is the service to choose. Tide Cleaners will carefully clean and press your garments and return them to you on a hanger, ready to be used for your next outing. Alterations and repairs. Forget about the tedious chore of hemming pants, sewing on buttons, and patching up holes. Tide Cleaners has alterations professionals on hand to do that for you, as well as more intricate alterations that you may not have the experience to do yourself.

Why Choose Tide?