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How Much Does Dry Cleaning Cost in Washington, DC?


Everyone has a to-do list filled with tasks that need to get done on a regular basis, and laundry and dry cleaning are usually on that list.

Whether it's wash and fold services for ordinary laundry needs or the special care needed for dry clean only garments, residents want and need affordable, reliable dry cleaners in Washington, DC.

Dry Cleaning Costs in Washington 

How much does dry cleaning cost in Washington, DC? To help you decipher what's a fair price and what may be considered excessive, we've done a little digging and found a price range for different services provided by various dry cleaners across Washington, DC.  Here's what we found: 

  • Dresses $2.49 - $12.25

  • Skirts $2.49 - $6.50

  • Pants $2.49 - $6.45

  • Sport Jackets $7.05 - $9.50

  • Sweaters $2.49 - $6.45

  • Ties $2.49 - $6.50

  • 2-Piece Suits $11.60 - $13.50

  • Comforters $19.99 - $30.00

  • Wash and fold services $2.49 - $3.10 per pound

As our research reveals, there is a lot of disparity between prices from one Washington, DC dry cleaner to another, so it pays to shop around to find the best buy for your buck.

However, in pursuit of the best price, you never want to sacrifice the quality of service you receive. Where can you go to get the best of both worlds, both great prices and high-quality laundry services?

Tide Cleaners Offers a Premium Washington, DC Laundry Solution

Rather than shopping all over town trying to find the best dry cleaner for the best price, make the process a simple one and head straight for a Tide Cleaners near you. For comparison purposes, most of the prices at Tide Cleaners in Washington, DC are somewhere within the mid-range of the prices listed above. In some cases, services are even lower than the cheapest price quoted above! Specifically, Tide Cleaners offers the cheapest wash and fold in the city!

That's not all. Along with competitive prices also comes impeccable quality. With over seven decades as a leader in laundry, Tide is a name you can trust to care for your garments and deliver high-quality services time and again.

Better yet, Tide Cleaners takes things a step further by providing an easy-to-use mobile app, enabling you to quickly arrange for your laundry to be done right from your mobile device.  With the handy app, you can drop off your laundry at a locker, send your instructions via the app, then receive a notification when it's ready. Laundry has never been easier!