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How Much Does It Cost to Clean a Dress Shirt in Philadelphia?


When you're lounging around the house, a few wrinkles in your shirt and joggers might be no big deal, but when you're at work, at a function, or on a date, your outfit matters.

Dress shirts, in particular, need to be clean and pressed to look their best. A bit of extra care on a regular basis keeps these particular pieces in good condition. Unless you've got the time and inclination to wash and press your own dress shirts, you may want to have the professionals tackle this particular task for you. After all, they've got the experience, know-how, and equipment needed to keep every dress shirt they work on looking its best.

Where can you take your dress shirt in Philadelphia that guarantees great service and quality and also affordable prices?  More specifically, how much can you expect to pay to have your dress shirt cleaned and pressed in Philadelphia?

How Much Does Dress Shirt Dry Cleaning in Philadelphia Cost?

The price for dress shirt dry cleaning in Philadelphia will vary from one dry cleaner to the next. our job is to shop around to find not only the best price but also the best service for what you pay.

Admittedly, hopping around from one dry cleaner to the next takes a lot of legwork and time. You probably don't have the luxury of time to spend comparison shopping at various dry cleaners throughout the city.

Luckily, Tide Cleaners has done all the legwork for you by breaking down the average price range for dry cleaning dress shirts in Philadelphia. Based on all the dry cleaners in the city, having your dress shirt cleaned costs anywhere from $2.49 to $5.30.

That's quite the price range considering the fact that the highest price is more than double the lower price. Furthermore, not all dry cleaners are created equal. While it's always wise to try and get the best price that you can, price should never come at the sacrifice of quality.

Instead, what you want is a dry cleaner that offers both competitive prices and great quality services for cleaning and pressing your dress shirts and any other garment that may need some attention.

Tide Cleaners: Great Service and Affordable Prices

Luckily, there's a Philadelphia dry cleaner that offers the best of both worlds: Tide Cleaners! Making dry cleaning as convenient and affordable as possible, Tide Cleaners helps you rest assured knowing you're getting great prices and quality services. Plus, Tide's app and drop-off/pick-up services make dry cleaning as convenient as it can be.