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How Much Does It Cost to Clean a Dress Shirt in Washington, DC?


If you're a professional looking to dress for success in Washington, DC, you likely have spent quite a bit of money and time purchasing and caring for your work wardrobe. You have your business suits dry cleaned regularly and your shoes shined just so.

However, if your dress shirts are not well maintained, your total look suffers. Often, dress shirts require special handling. Their delicate fabrics and crisp creases call for extra attention from laundry pros.

A properly cleaned and pressed dress shirt sends the right message about your attention to detail, your professional demeanor, and your interest in projecting the right image. Moreover, a good cleaning and pressing of your dress shirts make them look, feel, and even smell brand new.

How Much Will You Pay for Clean Dress Shirts in Washington, DC?

If you're thinking that the professional cleaning of your dress shirts is not something you can fit into your budget, you may be surprised to know how affordable professional cleaning can be. Just how much does it cost for dress shirt clean and press services?

The price you pay for shirt laundry services will depend on the extent of the service you request. Here is a quick breakdown of the prices for cleaning dress shirts in Washington, DC:

  • Wash and fold: $1.60 to $2.00 per pound

  • Laundered and machine pressed: $2.40 to $2.85

  • Laundered, folded, and boxed: $3.40

  • Laundered and hand-pressed: $4.95 - $8

As you can see, there's quite a range in the price you'll pay for dress shirt clean and press services. If you decide to use these services on a regular basis, finding the most competitive prices can help you save a bundle every month.

Tide Cleaners to the Rescue

Which laundry service should you choose in Washington, DC?

It's Tide Cleaners, of course! You already know and trust the number one brand in laundry detergents, and now you can benefit from dry cleaning and laundry services provided by pros backed by seventy-plus years of laundry know-how!

The future of laundry is here, and it's helping to streamline the lives of Americans everywhere by making the process as easy as possible. With Tide Cleaners, you don't have to rely on when your local dry cleaners are open and when you can drop off your soiled garments, including your dress shirts.

Thanks to the revolutionary way that Tide Cleaners has set up dry cleaning and laundry services, all you need to do is download the app, drop off your laundry at a designated locker in your residential building, enter your locker number and any special instructions you may have, then pick it up when you've been notified that it's ready.