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How to Choose the Best Laundry Service: 5 Factors to Consider


How great would it be to have a professional service do all your laundry for you? Rather than spending time doing your own laundry - or worse, having to waste time at the laundromat to do it - you could have someone else tackle this nuisance for you and end up with perfectly clean, fresh-smelling clothes.

However, there are so many laundry services from which to choose, so how do you choose the right one?

There are a few important factors that can help you make an informed decision.

1. Price

Of course, when you're choosing a laundry service, you want to look at how much it will cost. As is the case with any type of service you may require, you want to know where and how you can save the most money. Always compare prices of similar laundry services in your area to see where you can get more done for less. Just keep in mind that the cheapest prices do not always equate with the best laundry service, however. Many places might have rock-bottom prices but may offer sub-par services as well. That is why price, though an important factor, is not the only factor to consider.

2. Convenience

You may have found a great place that offers competitive prices and has a good reputation for doing a good job with laundry, but what if its services aren't convenient for you?

For example, what if you work until 8 pm and the place closes at 7? Or what if weekends are the only time you can drop off your laundry but the shop closes up on Saturdays and Sundays? What if you're in a pickle and need your laundry done right away? What if the turnaround time isn't for at least a few days or even a week, but you need that special shirt, dress, or jacket cleaned within a couple of days? You need to look at what is convenient for you, in addition to looking for the lowest prices.

3. Services Offered

Are you looking for 24-hour or overnight service? How about an app-based service that allows you to have your laundry dropped off at a locker, after which you send instructions via an app and receive notification that the laundry is ready through the same platform? What if you have a button missing, or you have a pair of suede boots that need to be cleaned and repaired?

There are all sorts of specialty services that people need in addition to just standard laundry. Be sure to find out all the details about the type of services offered before you choose a laundry service provider.

4. Pickup and Delivery Options

If you're like most busy people, you probably don't have a lot of time to take out of your schedule for dropping off and picking up your laundry. If that is the case, you might find a laundry service that offers pickup and delivery to be a great option.

Some laundry services, like Tide Cleaners, install lockers in your own residential building, where you can easily access the service at your own convenience, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

5. Detergents Used

Many people have sensitive skin, allergies, or other sensitivities to certain chemicals that are often used in detergents and fabric softeners. Unfortunately, most laundry services use conventional laundry detergents that are loaded with these potentially harmful chemicals. You may want to look for a service that uses certified eco-friendly, natural detergents that are easy on the skin, smell great without the harsh chemical scent, and are not detrimental to the environment.

Tide Cleaners: The Perfect Solution

To make your decision an easy one, consider Tide Cleaners. Rather than spending time going from cleaner to cleaner to find the perfect fit for you, you can be sure that every one of the above factors is ticked off on your list with Tide's premium laundry service. Tide Cleaners is affordable and convenient, and it will make life easier for you by taking one more chore off your to-do list!

If your residential building does not yet offer Tide Cleaners as an amenity, ask your property manager to give community residents the luxury of Tide Cleaners at your property.   If Tide Cleaners is already in your community, simply download the Tide Cleaners app to start your first laundry order today!