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How to Engage Tenants with Tide Cleaners Services


Managing a residential community isn’t an easy job. You have to find new residents, keep your units full, maintain the building and grounds, and deal with community concerns and complaints. 

With all of that on your plate, the idea of introducing a new amenity may not sound appealing. Even if it’s something your residents will like, it will just create extra work for you, right? Well, not necessarily. Take a look at what you need to know about Tide Cleaners drop off laundry and dry cleaning services and how bringing this service to your building can create extra value for your residents without any additional headaches for you. 


What Is Tide Cleaners?

Tide Cleaners is a premium dry cleaning and laundry service. The way it works is simple. Residents drop off their laundry and dry clean items in a conveniently-located locker onsite and use an app on their phone to place an order with Tide Cleaners. Then, they can go about their lives without worrying about their laundry. 


Next, Tide Cleaners picks up the laundry and takes it to be cleaned with premium laundry products like Tide detergent and Downy fabric softener. Residents can choose whether they want to go with scented or unscented products. Tide Cleaners also uses environmentally-friendly laundry bags and dry-cleaning solutions, so your community members can be sure that not only are their clothes treated gently, the environment is as well. When the laundry is done, Tide Cleaners will return it to the locker and give the residents a heads-up to let them know that their laundry is finished and can be picked up at their convenience. 


What Tide Cleaners Means for Property Managers

You might think that a service as comprehensive as Tide Cleaners must need a lot of work and input from the property manager, but you’d be surprised at how little work you have to do to bring Tide Cleaners to your community. 

 All you need to do is provide Tide Cleaners with the space to install the lockers. Tide Cleaners lockers are about 15 inches wide, and they need about 45 inches of wall space per 100 units in the building. Tide Cleaners will handle the installation, and we'll also handle resident engagement for you. 

Even better, the service requires no utilities and costs the property nothing at all. Our Tide Cleaners professionals do all the work for you, and you reap the benefits in happier residents and more valuable units. This type of premium amenity can help you attract and retain residents in your building with little to no extra effort on your part. 


How Can I Get Tide Cleaners in My Building?