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How to Make a Small Closet Work


It can be tough to store all items of your wardrobe when you don't have the closet space to house them properly. Even if you manage to cram everything in, you may find your closet messy, making it extremely difficult to find anything when you really need it. 

The thing is, if your closet isn't well organized, all that time you spend washing and ironing your clothing may be all for naught because they'll likely end up wrinkled and in rough shape after being stuffed into your tiny closet.

That's why it's important to make the most of your closet space, no matter how small it may happen to be. There are ways that you can use your closet that can make it work, even if it is a little tight on square footage. Here are some tips to help you make your small closet work for you.

Add an Extra Hanging Rod

You probably already have a rod stretched across the upper part of your closet to hang your shirts, pants, blouses, and any other article of clothing that is typically on a hanger. But you probably have more space underneath that clothing that you can use. So, why not hang another rod for items of clothing that don't take up so much vertical space? Pants draped over hangers make the perfect types of clothing that would fit on the lower half of the closet without dragging on the floor.

Place Storage Containers Under Hanging Clothing

Odds are, there's plenty of space below all the clothes that are hanging in your closet, as already mentioned. If you don't like the idea of installing another hanging rod, you can make good use of every square inch of space that you have to work with by stacking well-organized storage bins underneath the hanging clothes.

Hang Items Inside the Closet Door

Have you ever thought of using that empty space on the inside of your closet door? This is a great spot to install hooks to hang things such as purses, belts, and hoodies.

Use Shelf Dividers

If you've got shelving built into your closet, you might find the shelves inefficient in terms of keeping everything organized nicely. To combat this issue, install shelf dividers that can keep stacks of sweaters snug and keep your handbags standing upright, making more room for more things.

Add a Hanging Organizer

Make good use of vertical space by adding a hanging organizer to the closet. These are typically made out of canvas or other durable fabric and are hung by a strap that is secured by Velcro to the clothing rod, making them easy to move around as you see fit. You can install just about anything you like in these organizers, including shoes, hats, and purses.

Stack Shoes

Instead of randomly tossing your shoes in your closet, which will only take up more space than necessary and make it more difficult to find them, consider strategically stacking them. Install a multi-level shoe rack that allows you to make the best use of all the space you have while making it easier to find your shoes.

One More Tip to Keep Your Clothes in Top Shape

You put a lot of time and effort into clothes care, so why throw all that work out the window with a disheveled closet? Consider these tips for a more streamlined closet, no matter how small it may happen to be.