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How to Patch a Pair of Jeans


Slipping into that pair of jeans that you love and that fits you just right can make your whole day. What happens on the day you go to put them on and discover there’s a hole in your favorite pair of denim jeans?

You could toss them...or you could patch them so you can go one wearing them for a while longer. Patching jeans isn’t difficult, and you can find stylish patches that look great and actually add to your aesthetic. Take a look at what you need to know about patching a pair of jeans. 

Preparing the Area

You can think of preparing the denim as something like preparing an area for surgery; you’ll want to take some time to clean and prepare the area first. Remove frayed threads and trim the edges of the hole so that you can make an easy transition from clothing to patch. 

Then you’ll decide how to apply the patch. If you’re using scrap denim together with fusible tape (a webbed substance that helps hold two fabrics together), then you’ll need to make sure that you turn the pants inside-out. However, if you have an iron-on patch, especially one with a design, you can apply the patch from the outside instead. 

Sizing the Patch

Next, you’ll need to make sure that the patch is the right size. Often, patches come in larger sizes than you need, and it’s up to you to trim it down to a usable size. Generally, you want the patch to cover the hole as well as about a quarter of an inch around the hole. 

Before you decide that you’re done, take a look at the denim around the hole as well. Often, the material around a hole will also be weak and worn, and if this is the case with your jeans, you’ll want to make sure that the patch covers the weakened area too. Otherwise, you’ll end up with new holes that won’t be as easy to cover. 

Applying the Patch

Once you have all of the prep work done, the rest is relatively simple. If you’re using fusible tape and scrap denim, you’ll need to line the area with fusible tape first, then place the patch over it. If you’re using an iron-on patch, you’ll just place it on the area with the hole; iron-on patches have built-in glue already applied. 

Heat your iron (don’t use steam) and apply it evenly over the patch and prepared area. Let it cool, then stitch the edges using a zig-zag pattern, and do it several times so that the stitches overlap. Apply the iron one more time, then let it cool and trim any loose threads.

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