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How to Wash Bras and Other Delicates Without Ruining Them


It's one thing to throw your t-shirts, jeans, or sweatshirts into the laundry machine without giving them an extra thought or giving them any special attention. However, all your delicates - including your bras and lingerie - need a little more TLC when they're being washed. That's because the nature of their design and fabrics tend to ruin a lot easier in a particularly rough wash and spin cycle.

Before you toss these delicate garments in with the rest of your laundry, consider some of the following tips.

Choose the Gentle Cycle

Most modern washing machines offer a number of different settings, depending on what's being washed, and you'll typically find a "delicate" setting designed specifically for washing delicate pieces. This particular cycle will wash as close to hand-washing as possible, which is ideal for these types of garments. Usually, this cycle will have a slower wash and spin cycles so they don't outstretch or damage your clothing.

Place Your Delicates in a Mesh Bag

Many times undergarments can get ruined in the wash because of the hooks and straps that they feature, which can easily get caught on other garments and ruin those too. To avoid this issue, place your lingerie in a mesh bag that will still allow the garments to be thoroughly washed but will prevent any hooking or snagging on other pieces in the wash. Just keep these bags to a minimum of two or three items, as placing too many garments in the bag may not allow them to get a thorough wash.

Wash Delicates Separately

Don't wash your bras and lace underwear with your shirts and jeans. They need to be cared for differently, so separating them will ensure that their structures are maintained and that any metal, plastic, or elastic components are kept intact.

Let Your Delicates Air Dry

Once your garments are washed, consider hanging them to dry. Don't toss them into the dryer, as this could compromise their integrity and quickly cause any elasticity to loosen and delicate fabric (like lace or satin) to be ruined.

Consider Washing by Hand

If possible, wash your bras by hand. This is by far the safest way to keep them in great shape. If you take this route, consider soaking them in soapy water for at least a half-hour or longer, then make sure to scrub them gently without being overly rough with them. Rinse them in cool water, then lay them on a towel for a few minutes to allow any water to drain before hanging them to dry more thoroughly.

Use the Right Detergent

As always, using the right detergent can make a huge difference in how your laundry comes out and the condition it will be in after washing. Choose a detergent that is specially formulated for lingerie and delicate garments. Otherwise, you can always choose an eco-friendly detergent that's generally considered safe for all garments, including your delicates.

Let the Pros Wash Your Delicates For You

If you want to be certain that your delicates will remain in the same shape as when you first purchased them, leave the laundry in the competent hands of professionals. At Tide Cleaners, we know a thing or two about what it takes to successfully launder clothing, and now with our convenient drop-off and pickup services, laundry has never been easier.