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How to Woo and Wow Desirable Community Residents


One of the more important tasks on your agenda as a property manager is to attract and retain good residents. Keeping the turnover rate low and keeping solid residents for the long haul can save you a lot of time and money, and a lot of hassle, too.

There are plenty of other residential communities out there vying for the same high-standard residents that you are targeting, so you've got to take measures to ensure that your particular property is attractive and desirable enough to draw in potential residents and keep them happy and satisfied once they've made the choice to make it their home.

Here are a few things you can do to remain competitive and encourage the best residents to move into and stay on your property for the long run.

Increase Perceived Value With Extras

Your property should provide residents with all the basics that one would expect in a livable community. However, there are plenty of other things that you can offer that can make living more luxurious for residents.

Items that residents wouldn't necessarily expect can really make a difference. For instance, dishwashers, stainless steel appliances, granite counters, lots of storage space, or even a parking spot included in the rent can go a long way toward making your property more valuable, enticing new residents to choose your place over others.

Don't Let Maintenance and Repairs Fall by the Wayside

If any component of your property needs some sort of repair or maintenance, get on it immediately. The longer issues go without being resolved, the more likely current residents will start questioning the type of operation you're running. If you already have great residents, leaving things for weeks without dealing with them won't make them happy.

Further, maintenance and repair issues will not go unnoticed by new applicants who may be considering your place as their new home. So, it's in your best interests to stay on top of repairs and maintenance, both to keep current residents happy and to make your property look more attractive to prospective residents.

Market Effectively

It's not enough to just slap a listing up online or in print without putting any effort into the right words to use or the ideal photos to advertise. Think about exactly what a high-standard resident would want, and showcase those items in your advertising materials.

Highlight the best parts of your property and make sure to hire a professional photographer to capture the best images possible. Once you've created an ideal advertisement, make sure to take advantage of all the marketing platforms to get the word out to the right people. If necessary, get a real estate agent on board to help you market effectively and target the right audience.

Throw in Added Amenities

Consider incorporating amenities into your property that will make your residents' lives more convenient and enjoyable. This can be any number of things, such as a pet shower or even a mini-golf area. You may even want to offer 24/7 premium laundry and dry cleaning services to take a must-do task off your residents' long list of chores.

With Tide Cleaners, you can have laundry lockers installed on the premises, allowing residents to simply drop off their laundry or dry cleaning and pick it up when it's done. Rather than them having to spend countless hours every week tending to their laundry, they can have a professional do it for them without them even having to leave the premises.

All residents need is the Tide Cleaners app that they can use to send notification of which locker their laundry is in and any special instructions they may have on how their clothing should be cleaned. Once the laundry is done, they'll be notified via the app of which locker they can find their clean garments in. Dry cleaning delivery is a feature that any resident would love to have in their complex, and you can use such an amenity to attract and retain the best residents.