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Is Tide Cleaners Really a "Turnkey" Service for Property Managers?


Amenities are some of the most important factors that differentiate one residential community from another and help residents decide which units to choose and what they’re willing to pay for those units. In other words, amenities are vital to the success of a residential community. 

However, most amenities come with additional work for property managers. Amenities like pools, fitness centers, coworking spaces, and game rooms all require upkeep, maintenance, and repairs. If you’re already busy with one or more properties, the idea of adding more work to your daily to-do list may not seem appealing, no matter how attractive the amenity may be. 

What if you found a premium amenity that was also a turnkey service – one that required no investment from you and required no additional work on your part? Believe it or not, such an amenity exists and it is being chosen as a draw for residents of upscale communities across the nation. What is it? 

It's Tide Cleaners, a premium laundry and dry cleaning service that is provided to residents onsite.


Tide's Premium Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service

No matter who they are or where they choose to live, everyone has laundry to do. Clothes, sheets, towels, blankets, and more all need regular laundering, and it’s easy for a busy person to find that the laundry is piling up. Dry-clean only clothing can be even more time consuming because that involves driving to and from the dry cleaners and working around the hours that they’re open. 

A premium service like Tide Cleaners can be the solution for busy people who have too much laundry and not enough time. Tide Cleaners provides convenient lockers onsite in residential buildings where tenants can drop off their dry cleaning and other laundry. Tide Cleaners picks up the laundry, cleans and dries it using high-quality, eco-friendly laundry products, and drops it back off in the locker, to be picked up at the convenience of the resident. Tenants handle their orders through an easy-to-use app on their phones. 


What Tide Cleaners Means for Property Managers 

Tide Cleaners lockers can be installed on the premises of your residential building, giving your community an easy way to access and use this convenient service. The best part for property managers is the ease with which they can offer this amenity while creating no extra work for themselves or their staff. 

Tide Cleaners handles the locker installation and the resident engagement; all you have to do is provide the space for the lockers. The lockers are about 15 inches wide, and you’ll need to provide about 45 inches of space per 100 units in the building. Tide Cleaners doesn’t use any utilities on the property and the service operates with no cost to the property. 

All that you have to do to bring this premium amenity to your tenants is fill out a form requesting an installation. Then you’ll have an amenity that adds value to your building, for which your residents will be willing to pay a premium, and that adds no additional costs or chores to your own plate.