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Life, Not Laundry: How to Get 8 More Hours Each Month with Just One Change


How much time do you spend doing laundry every month? You may not think much about it while you’re doing it; after all, when you’re home doing your family’s laundry, you’re not punching a time clock. However, you may be surprised at how much of your time is being used up by this chore. Find out how much time your family’s laundry is costing you and how you can save yourself that time by making a simple change.  

How Much Time Is Spent on Laundry?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics conducted the American Time Use Survey, and one of the things that they looked at was how much time Americans spent on their laundry. They found that the average American woman spends 17 minutes a day on laundry, compared to 5 minutes a day for men. 

What else could you be doing with that time? 

How to Spend Less Time on Laundry and More on Life

There’s a surprisingly simple way to give yourself back the eight hours or more a month that you’re spending on your family’s laundry. Tide Cleaners offers a premium laundry service right in your residential building that can save you time on your dry cleaning, wash and fold service, and even on alterations.