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Need Clothing Alterations? Tide Cleaners Has You Covered!


Looking your best doesn’t just mean keeping your clothes clean and pristine. It also means keeping an eye out for minor damage to your clothing and fixing it before it destroys your favorite clothes and making sure that your clothes fit properly as well. There are a number of ways that buttons and stitches can come loose or small holes can appear in your clothing seemingly out of nowhere. 

How Clothing Damage Occurs

Sometimes it happens in the closet. Clothing items get packed in together too tightly and rub against each other. Zippers catch on fabric or stitches, tearing holes and pulling threads loose. Buttons get pulled off. Occasionally, the damage can happen in the washing or drying process, especially if you don’t follow the instructions on the tag for washing and drying the garment. 

Clothes can also get damaged while you wear them, particularly if they don’t fit correctly. Sleeves or hems that are too long or seams that are too tight or too loose are all under more pressure and exposed to more hazards than garments that fit properly. That’s why having clothes altered to fit your body more exactly is so important. Not only will you look better in your clothes, but also the alterations can actually protect your clothes and help you keep them functional and looking great longer. 

How to Handle Repairs and Alterations

Sometimes, though, just knowing what your clothes need isn’t enough. Sewing isn’t a skill that everyone has. Even people who are adept at sewing may not have the time to keep up with a whole wardrobe’s worth of alterations and repairs. 

Tide Cleaners can take the pressure off of you while making sure that your clothes continue to fit comfortably and look new as long as possible. Tide Cleaners is a convenient way to handle your dry cleaning and even save time on the rest of your household laundry, but we can also help you keep up with your alterations and repairs.

Tide Cleaners Services 

Tide Cleaners offers a comprehensive service for your wardrobe, which means that alterations and repairs are as much a part of the list of services as are washing, drying, and pressing. Tide Cleaners offers: 

  • Sleeve shortening

  • Hemming

  • Taking in jackets, shirts, dresses, pants, and jeans

  • Zipper and button replacement

  • Shoulder adjustments

  • Hole repair

Requesting repairs and alterations on your Tide Cleaners order is easy. Just go to the new order page in the mobile app, select “repairs and alterations”, and add a detailed request in the “special instructions” section. Then tap “next” to continue submitting your order. When you leave your clothes in the locker for pickup, use a separate disposable bag for items that need to be altered or repaired to avoid confusion.