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Property Management Trends: The Rise of Virtual Amenities


If you’ve been in the property management game for any amount of time, you already know how important amenities are for attracting and retaining residents. You may have also noticed that the game is beginning to change. 

While amenities are as important as they’ve always been, the types of amenities that residents need are beginning to evolve. It’s no longer necessarily the pool or the views that will primarily appeal to potential residents; it’s the PropTech (property management technologies) that new and younger residents are looking to see. Take a look at some of the hottest PropTech trends in the property management field today. 

Access Control

Residents want to feel that they and their belongings are secure in your residential community. At the same time, they don’t want to go through anything that feels like invasive security screening to enter the space that they’re renting. They want easy access for themselves and other residents and no easy access for strangers. 

Enter access control technology. Smart locks, smartphone access, remote monitoring, cloud data storage, and more can be combined to provide residents with a system that provides seamless and safe access to the building while denying access to those who don’t belong. A good access control service lets your tenants know that you have both their convenience and their safety at the top of your priority list.

Package Management

Online shopping becomes more popular every year. If you don’t believe it, check out how well your local mall is doing – if it’s still around at all. People enjoy being able to choose what they want from the privacy of their own homes and have it quickly and reliably arrive via mail or courier. For a residential building, this can be challenging. 

How much time does your on-duty property manager have to spend dealing with package delivery, and how much does this interfere with other duties on the property? A dedicated package room or secure package lockers could be the answer. Couriers can securely deliver packages, residents can access them when they’re able, and property managers can go back to managing the property, not the mail. 

Tide Cleaners partners with Luxer One to provide a turnkey package solution that is sure to please both your residents and your staff.

Food Delivery and Other Services

It’s not just clothes and office supplies that people are having delivered to their homes. It’s also day-to-day things, like laundry and lunch. The easier you can make it for residents to take care of the necessities of life from their home, the more they will appreciate your efforts. 

Pairing Uber Eats with the right PropTech so that delivery drivers can get the food to the door without the resident or the property manager having to leave the building is a good place to start in the food department. For laundry services, contact Tide Cleaners to install convenient drop-off lockers, which will allow your residents to drop off their dry-cleaning, laundry, and repairs from their building and pick them up from their own building when the cleaning is done. This saves all kinds of time and gives residents access to a premium amenity that doesn’t even cost your building anything other than locker space.