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Tide Cleaners Is King in the Queen City


Charlotte, NC is known as the Queen City, but when you are stuck doing laundry all day, it’s hard to feel like royalty. 

Fortunately for Charlotte residents, Tide Cleaners comes to the rescue. A premium laundry and dry cleaning service right in your community, Tide Cleaners takes the work out of the laundry and puts the leisure time back in your day.

Where to Find Tide Cleaners in Charlotte

Tide Cleaners is already in these fine Charlotte residential communities, with more to come shortly:

  • Cadence Music Factory

  • 1100 South

  • The Lexington Dilworth

  • The Gibson

  • 1010 Dilworth

  • Three30Five

  • The Julien

  • Sterling Magnolia

  • M Station

Treat Yourself to Luxurious Laundry Services

Here’s how it works. When your residential community in Charlotte offers Tide Cleaners, you gain 24/7 access to our designated lockers. Simply drop your laundry into a locker and use our convenient Tide Cleaners app to alert trained Tide professionals to get to work. 

You’ll get a text and an email to let you know when your laundry is ready for pickup. You can pick up your laundry when it’s convenient for you, any time of the day or night. What could be easier than that?

It’s not just convenience that makes Tide Cleaners the pick for discerning communities. Our laundry services are backed by seven decades of the real, proven laundry experience of a name you already know and trust, Tide. 

What Tide Cleaners Offers

Dry Clean and Press Services: Remember that special garment in your closet, the one you know you shouldn’t wash but that is still waiting for the extra care it deserves? Tide Cleaners handles special care items with ease, ensuring that your clothing is in tiptop condition when it is returned to you, cleaned, pressed, and ready to wear.

Wash and Fold Services: If you just want the chore of laundry off your to-do list, Tide Cleaners has you covered. Our wash and fold services handle your everyday laundry for you. Using Tide detergent and Downy softener (scented or unscented), Tide Cleaners returns your washable laundry clean and neatly folded. All you have to do is put it away!

Repairs and Alterations: Not so handy with a needle and thread? That’s no problem. Tide Cleaners can repair tears, missing buttons, broken zippers, and more. Our trained pros can even handle alterations for you.

Why Choose Tide?

There are plenty of reasons to choose Tide Cleaners for all your laundry needs. Here are just a few:

  • Convenient 24/7 access to laundry lockers

  • Easy-to-use mobile app

  • Trained, seasoned laundry professionals backed by the Tide brand

  • Eco-friendly cleaning products

  • Turnkey service


Life, Not Laundry