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What Hangers Are Best for Clothes?


Keeping your clothes in good shape isn’t all about how you wear and wash them. It’s also about how you store them. 

For clothes that hang in your closet, the hangers that you choose to use make a bigger difference than you think. The right hanger can help your clothing keep its shape and last longer; the wrong hanger can do just the opposite. Are you choosing the right hangers? Take a look at what you need to know about choosing the right hangers for your clothes. 

What’s the Deal With Wire Hangers?

Some people’s closets are full of wire hangers; other people eschew them. Are wire hangers really a problem? Unfortunately for the people who like the ubiquitous metal triangles, the answer is usually yes.  

It’s the hanger’s job to mimic the shape of your body. That way, the clothes hang in the closet in a similar way to the way that they hang on your body. Most bodies bear no resemblance to a wire hanger, no matter how much you stretch your imagination. These hangers are just too small and too thin. They may work for a few select items that are small and lightweight, like scarves or small accessories, but for the most part, you should avoid wire hangers in your closet. If you have too many of them to just abandon them, try wrapping them in fabric or foam to at least protect your clothes from sharp edges.  

Add Color With Plastic 

Plastic hangers are a reasonable choice if you’re looking to upgrade your closet without spending too much money. Plastic hangers are affordable, they’re easy to find, and they come in a variety of colors, so you can add a little pizazz to your closet by choosing a variety of bright colors. 

However, it’s important to choose the right plastic hangers. Look for heavy-gauge plastic that can support T-shirts, polos, light sweaters, and jeans. Avoid plastic hangers that have seams that might catch on threads or fibers in the clothing. Look for hangers with notches to hang your strappy tops. 

Support With Wood 

When you’re considering wire, plastic, and wood, wood is usually the superior choice for a hanger. Wooden hangers are sturdy enough to support even heavy sweaters and shirts with shoulder pads. They’re great for helping your clothing keep its shape, and they look neat and tidy in your closet. 

Look for thick, curved hangers for things like blazers and suit jackets. Wooden hangers with movable clips are great for skirts, and wooden hangers with trouser bars will keep your pressed pants neatly folded until you’re ready to wear them. 

Make sure that you do your best to choose a hanger that matches the clothing. A full-sized adult clothing hanger will stretch a child’s shirt out of shape, and a smaller hanger meant for children’s clothing won’t properly support adult clothes.