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What Kind of Alterations Do Charlotte Dry Cleaners Do?


Do you need your pants shortened? A couple of buttons sewed back on? Or how about a bit of tapering of your pants legs?

You don't necessarily have to take your clothing to a specialized tailor shop to have them altered. Instead, Charlotte dry cleaners can do all sorts of alterations for you, in addition to dry cleaning. So, what type of alterations can you expect from dry cleaners in Charlotte?

Hemming Pants

Probably one of the most common types of alterations that dry cleaners in Charlotte tend to do for their customers is to hem pants. Everyone comes in different sizes and heights, so it's tough to find off-the-rack pants that are the exact length that you need them to be. 

Hemming pants is especially important for dress pants and suit pants, as these types of garments need to be fitted exactly in order to exude a more polished look. Dry cleaners in Charlotte are typically experienced in this type of alteration, so you should be able to get this type of alteration done at many dry cleaning establishments around the city.

Fixing Zippers

Broken zippers will make it impossible to wear clothing, especially if they are holding up clothing or keeping certain parts of the body covered up. However, fixing broken zippers can be a real challenge for those who have never done this type of alteration before. While considered a simple alteration, replacing a zipper does require some level of skill, and Charlotte dry cleaners are typically equipped to handle this sort of job.

Sewing Buttons

Another simple yet important alteration is sewing popped buttons. Whether they're on shorts, pants, jackets, or skirts, even one missing button can throw off an entire outfit. Dry cleaners will be more than willing to sew buttons back on any type of garment and may also provide the buttons for you.

Patching Up Holes

Sometimes seams on clothing can come undone, exposing holes in garments and rendering them impossible (or inappropriate) to wear. These are relatively simple repairs to make and should only take a few minutes; however, they can be more complicated if there is also an underlying lining that must be repaired along with the outer fabric.

Tightening/Loosening Clothing

Clothing sizes can be adjusted to better fit the individual, whether it's to loosen or tighten them. This is a more complicated process and requires considerable skill to execute properly. Accurate measurements of the individual must be taken prior to the work being done to ensure a proper fit. It should be noted that clothing can only be loosened if there is enough fabric within the seams and if the process does not leave an obvious mark behind where the previous seam once was.

Where to Find Alteration Services in Charlotte

While there are multiple dry cleaners in the Charlotte area that offer basic alteration services, many Charlotte residents are enjoying a better way to have their alterations and repairs done. What's that?