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Barley the Lovable Tide Spin Dingus


One of the many perks of working at Tide Spin is that it’s a pet-friendly office. Today we’re highlighting one of our amazing office dogs.

I am known as the Mayor of my neighborhood - I’m a social pup! I am pretty happy go lucky and love just about everyone I meet. Sometimes I put your hand in my mouth, but it’s just my way of saying hi, I’ll be gentle. I absorb all of the love thrown at me, enjoy partaking in the occasional squeaky toy, and treats… I love treats. Oh, and scratch me behind my ears, I can’t get enough of that.

I am a big boy at 75 lbs and I have the big bark to match it but don’t be scared. My mom has great expectations for me; I’m working to become a therapy dog! The training is pretty ruff and mommy needs to be strict with my training but I want to make her proud!

I’m a fancy boy so I demand being dressed before I leave the house and I have a pretty good wardrobe. Ladies: I do have a black tie, just saying ;)

Once I settle in at the office I tend to just nap and lounge around all day.

Much love, very fur, wow, Bubba the doge