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How Much Does Dry Cleaning in Boston Cost?


Pricing dry cleaning services can be tricky. You want the cost to be affordable, but you also have to be able to trust the service that you choose with your most delicate and often most expensive articles of clothing. Is it possible to find a dry cleaning service that is both affordable and that does high-quality work? Take a look at what you need to know about pricing dry cleaning services in Boston.

Dry Cleaning Prices In Boston

You could pay as much as $17.00 to have a dress dry-cleaned in Boston, or you could pay as little as $14.84 for a dry-clean-only dress by using Tide Cleaners. A blouse could cost as little as $5.95 at Tide Cleaners, or as much as $8.75 at another cleaning service.

When it comes to household items like comforters, you’ll pay $38.53 with Tide Cleaners laundry service. If you go with a different Boston cleaning service, you could be paying $40.00 for a queen-sized comforter and $45.00 for a king-sized comforter.

Laundered Shirt $2.48 - $3.10 Shorts $6.55 - $8.75 Blouse $5.95 - $8.75 Pants $6.55 - $8.75 Dress $14.84 - $17.00 Skirt $6.58 - $8.75 Sweater $6.94 - $8.75 Comforter $38.53 - $45.00 Wash and Fold $1.75 per pound - $2.10 per pound

 Small differences in price can add up to large costs over time or with a large amount of laundry. It may not seem like a big deal to pay an extra dollar here or five dollars there. However, when you add it all up, you could be looking at a bigger bill than you expected. If you could save a few dollars on each item of dry-cleaned clothing, what could you spend that cash on instead? It’s a question worth thinking about when you’re deciding which dry-cleaning service to use. 

Wash And Fold Services

Sometimes it’s more than just dry cleaning that you need. Having your regular laundry washed and folded can save you money and time as well. The cost for a wash and fold in Boston runs between $1.75 per pound and $2.10 per pound.

Another option is to use a monthly service like the ones offered by Tide Cleaners. You’ll pay $29.99 for 20 pounds of laundry a month, which works out to only about $1.50 per pound. Tide Cleaners also offers larger plans for Bostonians with bigger laundry needs. You could pay $59.99 for 44 pounds per month, which is about $1.33 per pound, or $99.99 for 80 pounds a month, which is about $1.25 per month. The more laundry you need to do, the more you’ll save. 

Other Considerations

Dry cleaning can be inconvenient. You may not necessarily have time to drive across town, or maybe you work during most of the hours when your local dry cleaning services are open. A dry cleaning service that’s available during off-hours and convenient to where you live can save you time and money in the long run. 

Tide Cleaners offers you the ability to drop off and pick up your dry cleaning and laundry at hours that are most convenient for you. If Tide Cleaners is offered in your residential building, just put your laundry in a secure Tide Cleaners locker and enter your order in the free Tide Cleaners app. Tide Cleaners will treat your clothes with care and use high-quality laundry products on your favorite items of clothing. 

Once your laundry is done, you'll receive an email and a notification on your mobile device. Then, you can pick up your items at your own convenience, 24/7. What could be better than that?