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P&G Sustainable Businesses: How We're Making a Difference


For many entrepreneurs, success is not only measured by money. Success also means stability, a flexible schedule, and the ability to give back to employees and the community. Tide Cleaners franchise owners find success in a multitude of areas — not only can they earn a profit and have flexible schedules, but they are also part of a corporation that places great importance on the environment.

Tide Cleaners and P&G

Tide Cleaners is part of Procter & Gamble (P&G), a multinational consumer goods corporation with dozens of brands under its umbrella. P&G was founded more than 180 years ago and has many iconic brands under its belt, including Tide and other laundry products.

P&G is the number one consumer products company in the world, with annual revenue of about $67 billion. Along with its significant revenue, P&G also finds success in its ability to give back. P&G’s purpose and growth strategy is to improve more lives in more parts of the world more completely, with an unrelenting focus on innovation.

P&G Sustainable Businesses

P&G is committed to reducing its environmental footprint across climate, water, and waste. Through its brands, P&G plans to reduce its carbon emissions, conserve Earth’s precious resources, and leave the world better than we found it.

  • 100 percent of leadership brands will inspire responsible consumption

  • Reduce use of virgin plastic in packaging by 50 percent

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent across all operations

  • Create solutions so that no packaging finds its way to the ocean

  • Find smart packing solutions

  • Protect water for people and nature

These P&G sustainable businesses are working together to find sustainable solutions.

Tide Cleaners


Cascade® is a dishwasher detergent that is one of P&G’s home care brands. Cascade is addressing the issue of water scarcity through persuasive consumer messaging. Its “Do It Every Night” ad campaign has the potential to help reduce household water usage across millions of homes in the United States.

Old Spice and Secret

Some of the P&G sustainable businesses focus on the corporation’s goal to achieve 100 percent recyclable or reusable packaging globally. Old Spice® and Secret®, two skincare brands, are part of this effort. They became the first major brands in North America to introduce an all-paper tube package made of 90 percent recycled paper.

P&G Beauty Products

In Europe, some P&G sustainable businesses are making reusable bottles more stylish. P&G Beauty is offering a new aluminum reusable, refillable bottle system for Pantene®, Aussie®, Head & Shoulders®, and Herbal Essences® shampoos. It is also offering fully recyclable refill pouches made with 60 percent less plastic than standard shampoo bottles. The new refill system is predicted to halt the production of approximately 300 million virgin plastic bottles per year.

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