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Special Services

Special Care Fabrics

We take care to maintain the same look you fell in love with on the clothing rack. Our professional staff is trained to handle even the most interesting colors and textures, like leather, velvet, silk – even rayon. Is rayon still a thing these days? Either way, Tide Cleaners will keep your wardrobe looking its best.

Wedding Dress Cleaning and Storage

Here’s to a wedding dress that lasts a lifetime. Unlike typical cleaning, our GreenEarth® wedding dress cleaning process will preserve that beautiful look while protecting it against things like mold, mildew and oxidization. Once your wedding dress is cleaned, we’ll carefully seal it to protect against humidity, and store it in a long-term chest for additional safety.

Tide Back-to-Black™

Clothes fade over time. Through the Tide Back-To-Black™ service, we combine science and fabric care expertise to bring faded cottons and cotton blends back to life. We can restore these faded garments back to their original dark and rich black color.

Services vary by location.

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