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How to Prepare Your Leather Outerwear for Storage


Your leather jackets and other leather outerwear are great for winter temperatures, but when the snow thaws and the thermometer readings start to rise, you probably want to switch to lighter materials that are more comfortable in the heat. 

That doesn’t mean that you should forget about your favorite leather items. If you’re getting ready to store your leather outerwear for the spring and summer months, take a look at what you need to know about preparing the leather for storage so it looks great when you’re ready to take it back out in the fall or winter. 


Clean It

Professional cleaning is the best choice for your leather outerwear.

Both leather and suede outerwear should be professionally cleaned about once a season. If you drop some ketchup on your coat, you can spot clean it using a good leather cleaner, but when it comes to cleaning the entire article of clothing, you’re better off leaving it to professionals who have the tools and expertise needed to clean it without causing damage. Having your leather outerwear professionally dry cleaned before you put it away for the warm seasons will help ensure that it’s protected until you’re ready to wear it again. 

After cleaning, you can apply a leather conditioner to help keep the leather soft and supple. The conditioner helps retain moisture and prevent the leather from becoming dry and cracked. 

Let It Breathe

You have a lot of options for safe storage for leather clothing. Leather can do well hanging in a fabric bag in the closet or folded in a wooden storage trunk or suitcase. However, the one storage option that you definitely need to avoid is plastic storage bins. 

To stay in good shape, the leather needs to be able to breathe, but plastic containers prevent airflow and choke off the leather’s breathing space. It’s also important to make sure that wherever you’re storing your leather items, you’re leaving space in between them to promote airflow. 

Hang With Shape in Mind

If you plan to hang your leather jackets, it’s important to use hangers that preserve and support the correct shape of the jacket. Not only are thin wire hangers generally too light to support a heavy leather, but they’ll also affect the shape of the jacket by causing the shoulders to droop forward. After months of hanging with drooping shoulders, your jacket could develop creases that are hard to remove. 

Wooden hangers are generally the best choice for hanging leather jackets, but a wide, heavy plastic hanger could work as well. Just be sure that the hanger you choose is wide enough to support the jacket’s shoulders and keep them in their proper place. 


Stuff with Acid-Free Paper

Make sure that your zippers are zipped and buttons fastened when you store your leather garments. 

Before you put your leathers away for the warmer months, one more thing you should do is remember to stuff the insides of the garment with acid-free paper. Don’t forget to fasten all of the buttons and zip the zippers as well.