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Caring for and Cleaning Winter Coats


A nice winter coat is an investment you’ll want to take care of, but just how do you take care of it? Can you wash a leather jacket? What about a wool coat? How often do coats need cleaned? What about stains and storage? Read on for tips about cleaning and caring for your jackets and winter coats.

Can you wash coats?

While some outerwear can be washed, many jackets and coats require special care when cleaning. Delicate garments like fur coats and leather jackets should be dry cleaned. You should always check the care instructions on the tag or bring your clothes to a professional who can determine the best way to clean outerwear.

How often should you dry clean a coat?

How often you need to clean your jackets and coats depends on both the material and the wear. Your winter coats won’t need cleaned as often as your go-to blazer, but they should be washed or dry-cleaned once or twice a season, depending on how often you wear them.

How do you remove stains from a coat?

Stains happen throughout the day, but the most important thing is to treat them as soon as possible. It never hurts to keep portable stain remover with you while you’re on-the-go, but when you’re dealing with delicate fabrics or if you forgot your Tide To Go at home, bring your coat to your nearest Tide Cleaners. We’ll assess the stain and material to determine the best treatment plan and return your clothes looking like new.

How should you store coats and jackets?

During the season, make sure to hang your outerwear up right away to keep it in its best shape. Try using wooden hangers to give your jackets and coats room to breathe so they stay wrinkle-free. If you’re low on hangers, fleece jackets can be folded and stored in drawers or tubs.

At the end of the season, make sure to give your garments one last thorough cleaning before putting them away until next year. For extra protection, put your hanging jackets and coats in a garment bag. Store clothes in a cool, dry, dark place. Taking the steps to keep your outerwear is clean and safe in the off-season will ensure it looks great when you pull it out next year!
Ready to bring your jackets and coats in for that deep, professional clean? Let’s find a Tide Cleaners near you.