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How to Take Care of a Suit Before and After Your Event


Have a suit-worthy event coming up? We're here to help. Learn more about finding your perfect fitting suit, pressing your suit, storing your suit, cleaning your suit, and more in this suit care guide.

Find Your Fit

While the color and material are important, how your suit fits is arguably the most important piece to how your suit looks on you. To find the perfect fit, you have a couple options.

Buy a Custom Suit

Not only do you save time searching racks and trying on suits trying to find something that fits, but you also get the opportunity to create a unique suit that matches your personal style.

Tailor your suit

Press Your Suit

After you find your suit and make sure it’s the perfect fit, you’ll want to iron out every wrinkle in your jacket and crease your pants just right, especially if you’re traveling to your event and must pack it in a suitcase before wearing it.

If you’re craving that professionally pressed look or you just find your hotel’s iron isn’t working well, get your suit pressed by the experts at Tide Cleaners instead.

Store Your Suit

Once your suit is pressed to perfection, storing it on a sturdy wooden hanger that supports the shape of the suit will preserve that look.

Keeping it inside a garment bag will help keep it dust-free until it’s time to wear it too.

Don’t Forget the Details

After your dress shirt is properly pressed, have fun with accessories! Select a pocket square and tie or bowtie that coordinate with each other (rather than match) to elevate your look and put your personality on display.

Enjoy Your Event

You’ve put a lot of effort into your look, so wear it confidently! Whether you’re dancing the night away at a wedding, presenting for an important moment, or networking and mingling, enjoy it.

Be Prepared for Stains

Dry Clean Your Suit