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Campus Administrators

Tide Cleaners is the comprehensive college laundry solution to meet all of your campus’ needs.


Faculty and Staff


University Band

ROTC and Corps of Cadets

Conference Services

Wash and Fold Laundry

We offer bundled laundry services for students and staff. Customers choose between a 10 lbs., 20 lbs., or 30 lbs. plan, which they turn in on a weekly basis. Plans can be purchased monthly, semesterly or annually. We also offer pay-per-order for customers who do not need a full plan.

Customers drop off their Tide Cleaners bag at one of our convenient locations on campus. The app will display available locations, as well as send an alert when clothes are ready for pickup. Bags will be returned 48 hours later – washed, retail-style folded and smelling great!

Dry Cleaning

We offer dry cleaning services for those who want to look extra sharp. Items turned in through this service are dry cleaned or laundered and pressed according to the garment care label. Each item is returned on hangers under plastic. Customers are given a separate bag for dry cleaning, and items are charged per piece.

Uniform Laundering

Tide Cleaners will collaborate with any department across campus to tackle uniform laundering. We consult with the staff to determine the appropriate garment care settings and create a schedule to ensure clean uniforms are returned when needed. These uniform laundry services are popular with athletic departments, university bands, campus law enforcement, custodial staff, ROTC and Corps of Cadets.

Conference Linens

We work with residence life and conference service departments to handle campus linens and tablecloths. Our team will develop a custom pricing plan and schedule based on the university’s needs. Your dedicated operations manager will ensure that linens are laundered and returned in a timely manner, so conference turnover runs smoothly.

"I wish I'd spent more time doing laundry" said no college grad ever.





"Tide Cleaners has developed an excellent business model, and I receive compliments regularly on the quality and value they provide to our students." — Craig Allen, Director, Housing & Residence Life, TCU
"Tide University Laundry is committed to offering quality services. Their systems for logistics, including how they utilize technology, and their ability to communicate effectively with users is impressive." — Lindsey Koch, Director, Office of the Student Experience, SMU


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