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What is Wash and Fold Service?

Wash and Fold is a laundry service where cleaners wash, dry, and fold your clothes for you. If you've ever wanted to hire someone to fold laundry or even hire someone to do laundry all together, but you have questions about how it even works, you're in the right place.

What is Fluff and Fold?

Fluff and Fold is another name some cleaners use for Wash and Fold. It's a service where they wash, dry, and fold your clothes or other items (think fluffy towels!) for you. Fluff and Fold works the same way as Wash and Fold service. Whatever you like to call it, our experts are happy to clean your clothes for you!

How does Wash and Fold work?

The actual process can vary based on where you go and if you choose to drop off your laundry or have it picked up and delivered back to you. Here's how laundry services work for the most part:

  1. Gather your dirty clothes you want cleaned and place them in a bag.

  2. Drop off laundry somewhere like Tide Cleaners, where we weigh your clothes before washing.

  3. Pick up your clean, folded clothes when they're ready, usually within a few days.

Do dry cleaners do laundry?

How long does wash and fold take?

Turnaround time can depend on which cleaner you use and if you choose delivery, but you can typically get you clothes back within 2-3 days of dropping them off. If you're in a time crunch, it's always best to call ahead and double-check that they can meet your needs.

Is there a Wash and Fold app?

Many cleaners offer clothes washing apps to make it easier to schedule pick-up and delivery, track your orders, set your preferences, and more.

Is there laundry service etiquette?

While there isn't formal drop off laundry etiquette rules, we still have some tips to make the process smoother and some answers to questions you might have.

Don't be embarrassed to outsource laundry

If you're trying Wash and Fold for the first time, it can feel a little odd to hand your personal laundry over to someone, but there's no reason to feel awkward about it if you've chosen a professional cleaner like Tide Cleaners. We've seen it all, and yes, our laundry services wash underwear too.

Prepare your clothes for cleaning

Mention any stains you want removed

Laundry services can remove stains best when they're aware of them, so mention them when you drop off your load of laundry, or leave a note in the app you're using. Being specific about what kind of stain it is can help cleaners know the best way to treat it too.

Follow laundry service instructions

Each laundry service has a slightly different process, and things will run smoothest when you follow it. For example, if they have Wash and Fold laundry bags for you to use after your first order, that's a great way for them to keep track of your order preferences so they can serve you best.

How much does Wash and Fold cost?

The average cost of Wash and Fold services can vary quite a bit based on location. While you'll typically see an average price of $2-3 per pound for laundry in many areas, it's not uncommon to see $5 per pound in places like New York City. Some cleaners also have order minimums and charge delivery fees, so keep an eye out for that when comparing prices.

Is Wash and Fold worth it?

We could all use a little laundry help from time to time, especially when it comes to getting those clothes folded. Outsourcing this chore gives you more time for what really matters in life.